#YearInReview What We Shipped in 2010

This post is inspired by Seth Godin’s post titled What did you ship in 2010? Seth goes on to provide a list of things he completed and provides some encouragement to share similar lists and not be shy. Given that shyness is not exactly my strong trait, here it goes.

What we shipped in 2010

  • Products: We went live with Compose, a research publishing product by Thomson Reuters(my current employer). You can look up details on the official product page. Everything about this product(vision, technology, commercials and more…heck even the brochure!)was envisioned and built out by us in Bangalore. I shall talk about the philosophy behind it and my ideas to bring some innovative thinking to the sell-side research function in other posts.
  • Vision: We put together a vision for the sell-side research market, that goes much beyond Compose. There are at least 5 large items here that I am excited about but for obvious reasons will not be able to share here!
  • People: Built-out a brand new team to reboot our sell-side offerings. We have some solid talent to help realize our vision for the coming years.
  • Collaboration efforts: Ideas that we have envisioned have gained traction amongst various internal teams. This is not strictly a deliverable but collaboration efforts such as these raise the bar for the entire organization and opens up new possibilities to serve our customers.

Doing all the above was not easy. We have seen organizational changes, differing priorities, changes in responsibilities, rampant attrition and various other dysfunctional elements. But what matters is that we shipped Compose, built out the sell-side vision and contributed to the organization’s IP.

As always, not even a fraction of this would have been possible without my team and those who supported us within the organization. To each one of you(you know who you are) my personal thanks.

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