Why Do I Need To Participate?

We have been trying to run a program for change at my work place. It has been a revelation to understand how change propagates through an organization and how people at different levels react to this. Especially change that involves having to reconfigure the existing work culture drastically.

But I shall start off with a question asked by a colleague when I asked whether he had thought of an idea to share. He in turn asked, ‘Why should I share? Why not I move to another organization, with a hike in my salary, instead of contributing here?’ This was a valid enough question and I shall share my thoughts on my position.

Potential is worth nothing – Potential remains just that unless it is kindled into action.

What good is a million bucks in the bank if it does not alleviate you from poverty. Potential is just notional value. For it to be actualized one needs to act.

The attempt is worth more than failing.

An action gains its worth by context. No idea passes into reality in its pristine state. By the time it transitions into reality it loses its imaginary sheen and gains practical value.

Before accomplishing is the fact of attempting something.

To attempt is to will a possibility into becoming reality.

Will and the possibility are tangled, each coaxing the other into existence.

Out of this union emerges by some strange alchemy an outcome that did not exist before.

As some would say ‘To attempt is to do’.


  1. This is not a new question – From childhood many of us must have had questions on even fundamental stuff? Why should I go to school early in the morning? Why should all the tasty food bad for health? Why study for exams? Why should I run the rat race? Why should I do what my mother or grandmother did? I have the freedom to ask questions until I find answers or answers come to me through moment of truth. So attempting some answers: If you are getting ready to be a CEO of a company may be this company or any company. After all, we are giving you much safer ground now to participate and experience. After all, history repeats itself. We are not trying anything out of this world. ( unless we plan to settle in another planet!). You may not want to think from only “your frame”. Other think frames that you may not have are available if you join us. Some questions to ask: Do you have courage to fight against crisis in a fair and just way when market demands are not being met with what ever best you have and working? Are you a person who can sense what will happen 3 years ( long term in today's world) from now? Hope you have better plans and tools to sustain – Like to meet you 3 months from now and have the same dialogue. Do you have any goals objectives you should accomplish that you are struggling for answers?

  2. Bharathi, thanks for the feedback. Agree that questioning is a fundamental aspect of how we figure things out. But I looked at it from a viewpoint that employee with a couple of years behind them would already understand the value of participation, so the question came as a surprise… And I like the way you have put the position we all need to take..very valuable!


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