What successful blogs do to organizations

Found this blog post by GeraldK, on what successful blogs do to organizations, the role they play in impacting how an entity functions etc., via a Microsoft partner marketing blog.

But had to disagree with the marketing blog’s assertion that some people don’t understand blogging. Perhaps one of the statements, ‘Microsoft was saved because of blogging’, was a tad excessive but otherwise I found the post quite good. Nothing new is revealed but comparing Microsoft’s record in opening up as contrasted with the usual competitors makes for an interesting read.

Also, here is a quote that impressed me much..

“..it takes certain organizational cultural values. It’s not about process, or rules. In fact, it requires acceptance of uncertainty and ambiguity, tolerance of risk, openness to criticism, and a degree of confidence. These are not things that can be proceduralized, but instead come from how the organization is, uh, organized, and simply the underlying values.”

Can’t really argue with that!

And by the way, that entirely explains why most large or established organizations find it difficult to deal with the whole blogging/opening up phenomenon. Unless the entire, or at least a significant portion, speaks with the same voice there is bound to be chaos. I have tried, and continue trying, to instill some sort of team spirit within the product I manage and know how difficult a challenge it is. And to have the same spirit and values permeate an entire organization, no wonder most don’t even attempt it!

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