Video Card with HDMI?

I intend to setup a media server at home. I can’t buy the Alienware baby, primarily because I can’t afford it and, even if I could, I have to lug it back to Bangalore, India!

Am looking at buying the biggest components(Video Card, hard drive and possibly motherboard) from NY and taking it back home.

My need is primarily to watch HD movies. The plasma can do 1080p, so I need the video card to be able to pump that resolution and I need HDMI output. I have not fed any true HD source to the plasma so far, very eager to see how it will be.

I have looked at a few sites(Anandtech, CNET, Amazon etc) but could not find anything definitive around what would be a good option.

Do please pass your suggestions, either by comment or by mail to cr dot mahesh at gmail dot com.

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