Tyrant’s Prayer

Now I see the tyrant’s crude prayer

The reckless hewing and slaying of lives

Offered as sacrifice to the World-Spirit.

Like ripped butterfly wings in a cupped palm

Of a proud toddler offered to a doting parent

Even the excesses of the tyrant have to be allowed their play. Ravana, Hiranyakashipu and Hitler are perhaps demanded by some occult evolutionary needs that we don’t yet understand.

But instead of taking that rocky philosophical route, I wondered what the standpoint of an Omnipotent Godhead would be to the Tyrant.

Since I obviously am not omnipotent imagining this was not feasible. But being a parent I could at least attempt to imagine how I would feel if my child were the tyrant. Now that was tricky but at least within the realm of possibility.

Children can be extremely cruel. It seems the moral sense has to be taught and groomed much like any other acquired skill. I, as a parent, do not rush to condemn but gently teach every transgression by the child. The stone thrown at the stray dog, the impulse to snare a bird and the rush to stamp the ant are the rough edges that will be smoothed out by moral training and example.

Now if a simple parent can willingly tolerate the pain caused to smaller life forms by their child, what about an Omnipotent and Omniscient Divine? One who sees everything. May be He sees the end result playing out in the way he wants it. Greater harmony, honey and wine perhaps? Lots more to be said here but I guess you get the gist.

All said, the Veda while talking about the Transcendent says that words, time and all things manifest or unmanifest fall away from It. And says It(or He) alone knows itself. And also add the statement, or perhaps It knows not. With that disclaimer I end this post.

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