To remember..

..was the first curse.

Every other aspect of our downfall is an outcome of this single seed.

This is the silent breeder of desires. 

An unseen mouth that devours our innards.

This keeper of records, of anguish and triumph.

And in remembering makes old sorrow anew, and pales new joys against old highs.

To be forever lacking. To be the restless, unquenchable void.

To be a keeper of corpses, of a dead past. Tags: ,


  1. You forget,

    To remember ..

    is also the blessing that holds meaning to everything faded past.

    is also the vital clue to where innocence disappeared and vice influenced.

    is to re-live future life, in the present, an ironic step over the beyond.

    It is not all bad. Nothing really is, I believe.

    How are you these days ?

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