Tips for any takeover!

Found these tips for a takeover or merger from Valleywag comments.

The tips are in the specific context of Microsoft’s bid for Yahoo! But the advice is so universal it can be applied to any situation. Here is a little sample to whet your appetite – “Buy a competing company, like AOL while you’re at it…Then pin each company against each other. Better yet, get a General Manager from AOL and have it oversee BOTH the AOL and Yahoo acquisition, ensuring the GM from AOL says ‘I will be impartial’.

Sheer genius!

I have been through some of these. The company I worked for last was bought over. Its been an 1+years since and all noise I hear from the ground indicate a failed exercise. Its a different issue that this news gets a positive spin depending on who you hear the status from!

Organizations, in my humble opinion, don’t give sufficient attention to the work cultures of the entities involved. What should be a no brainer in terms of the extent of incompatibility somehow gets muddled when discussing PE ratios I guess.

I like to think of this as the initial curiosity( or lust!) of a dating couple. All is nice, all is tempting..the chemistry is just unbelievable. Add to it the music of corporate hype and you have the perfect mating dance. The veils though are off a little while later- the buxom beauty is a padded waif, the chivalrous knight turns out to be a conflict mired dwarf. Tags: , ,

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