Those Damned Greeks, Always Get it Right


In conceiving of Medusa as woman, with snakes for hair, the Greeks got it so right!

But thinking about it, the Greeks did not get science right, so no basis to say that they got everything right always.

Step back for a moment and notice that portrayal of anything in art has a deeper resonance to the truth of things than any scientific representation.

Perhaps it is the perceiving of the subject in the mind’s eye, the deep contemplation in utter solitude within..all seem to guide the artist’s hand with an unerring accuracy.

Now back to my main point for this post. Medusa is a woman. Enough said.

[Note: Take this sentiment with a pinch of salt. As my friends and colleagues would easily confirm..I adore women..sometimes their version of rationality conflicts a little with mine, that is all!]

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