The Undecided, akin to the Undead?

To be actively involved in change requires a conscious participation. A willingness to have your assumptions questioned is also key, otherwise change sweeps you along in spite of yourself.

Seth Godin, takes a crack at this topic of those who can’t decide, in context of around 35% of those polled could not decide whether to go for Obama or McCain. Leave aside the politics for a moment and soak in this thought from Master Godin.

The reason that so many people don’t vote…because inertia is compelling. Inertia absolves them of responsibility.

This is absolutely key. Those who wish to have an impact on society or an organization have to either foster, or even impede, its progress. It is the time-wasters, those who hang on, that are a blemish on the system.

To quote from an earlier post of mine on the importance of participation

What good is a million bucks in the bank if it does not alleviate you from poverty. Potential is just notional value. For it to be actualized one needs to act.

To take the context of functioning within an organization. It is not enough if we stick to the traditional role definitions.

All significant change involves questioning, willingness to take ownership, be exposed to potential risks and the gall to dream of the goal and snatch it for yourself and your team.

It is good to live, not so bad to die. But to be the undead sucks.

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