The Myths of Innovation – A must for fanboys of every genre!

It is not often that a book grabs you by the scruff in the very first line and this one does! In the author’s own words the goal is to use “myths about innovation to understand how innovation happens“.  And it starts with…

By idolizing those whom we honor we do a disservice both to them and to ourselves…we fail to recognize that we could go and do likewise. – Charles V. Willie

That line resonates in so many contexts to me. That all that has gone before us is achieved and open for further expansion. Be it science, literature, philosophy, religion or any other field of human endeavor – all that has gone before is only a prelude. To be stuck in a past however glorious, to derive self-esteem by association to attributes and victories that are not ours, to define our life and outlook by standards laid out many hundred years ago in an alien culture…one could go on.

I believe one could advance the state of art that exists. The scope of that change might not be universal. Might be so local that its subjective rather than something that manifests externally. The change so miniscule that one hardly perceives it within. But advance it we must. Sri Aurobindo touches this subject in an aphorism on Karma. I have covered the aphorism and my commentary on it here.

And I just finished reading the preface! Hope to update you all with a review. Tags: , ,

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