When Curiosity Dies..

..we have learnt to arrange events for ourselves in comfortable cause and effect buckets. When all is explained with the lens of our subjective interpretations, there is little else we allow to enter our purview.

..with it goes the joy of discovery and the enthusiasm for meaningful labor. What remains is a machine, that goes through the charade but is present no longer, a mere automata that lives and breathes and whose gears engage no more.

..we perceive ourselves wiser than everything around. And a cynic is born scoffing at the labors of men.

..categorical truths are born that anoint a single future out of the many that are possible.

On Serendipity

Serendipity is merely causality that cannot yet be explained with the aid of reason.

The mechanics of existence are not explained merely by the methods of material manifestation.

To Name an Idea

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A quote from Thomas L Friedman about naming an idea.

In the world of ideas, to name something is to own it. If you can name an issue, you can own the issue.

In the Bartimaeus Trilogy, the Djinn called Bartimaeus gains power over a magician, and his master, called Nathaniel when he learns of his true name. The true name had enough power that it could control the owner of the name! The novel itself is brilliant, the sarcastic wit of Bartimaeus has to be savoured. I shall write a detailed review later but suffice to say more than handful of wonderful possibilities occur in the novel.Β 

On another note, forget what it means to an idea, with that we come very very close to the mystic sense of what a name aught to be!

A name is said to stand in for the actual thing it represents in the world of thought.

To understand what I mean by that, let us do a simple exercise. i)Think of nothing, imagine a white sheet, blank space whatever..but nothing and next ii) Think of a white elephant.

Now if you had played along with me, from nothing we could concoct a picture of a elephant in your mind, with just the suggestion of a word.

If we were to talk this up, we could say a word could create stuff in your mind, or the word could materialize things. Perhaps not in the tangible world of flesh and form, but still could create in the mind.

Perhaps this process we followed in my little game applied with some alchemy, could lead to the actual creation of things? Say you utter a word and the thing manifests in flesh and form! I shall pursue this line of thought in another post πŸ™‚

Names were originally the phonetic equivalents of the essence of thing or action or idea.

Follow for instance the evolution of early Sanskrit in an essay by Sri Aurobindo, called Origins of Aryan Speech. In it you would see that root words were inextricably woven close to the actual sense of the act, not the act itself or the thing itself but some untraceable essence of the thought or thing.

Guess that is enough rambling for now! What do you think? What connections could you make?

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