Patterns for Winning Product Teams

My first guest post on the subject of structuring winning software product teams, titled Hierarchy of Equals is up here.

Some background –

Engineering software, especially product software, is a complex challenge. The technology complexity of building a functionally complete, flexible and cost-effective solution is only one part of the problem. This aspect is adequately dealt with in patterns for design, architecture and development processes.

What is largely ignored or does not have the same extent of shared vocabulary is how teams that build these products are organized.

The people aspect almost always gets drowned either in the technological details or by the drive to processes that attempt to standardize actions at an organizational level.

If product engineering skills have to become mainstream, we need to focus on the people who build it and how the working rhythm is established. Too long has the IT discipline swung towards the extremes of the lone code jockey or the CMM certification touting services organization.

I take a first stab at identifying some patterns for winning product teams. These patterns have emerged from experience in dealing with the heat and grind of delivering products over many long years.

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