How Not to Do Content Recommendation

Good intentions are sunk by bad copywriting. LinkedIn sent me this a little while ago. I did not click a single one of these “Influencer Summer Guides”.

LinkedIn-Content Recommendations Not


First that repetition of “on the best” made me cringe. They could have put the original titles, if there were any. I don’t care about value of content behind those links, bad post titles, especially from large networks like LinkedIn, should not be rewarded. Else the system (both machines and/or the humans behind them) would generate more such ‘content recommendation‘ junk.

The “Top 10 Blog Post Title Patterns of All Time” school of copywriting & content generation has gone out of control.

Sure, to gain audience you might have to resort to these tricks..but damn this is LinkedIn! They have a large global audience and have supposed influencers..could they not attempt something original? Why perpetuate the mediocrity?