A Thought – On Humility

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Let me state this upfront. Humility is not weakness, not a weakling standing by the corner..almost apologetic about being there.

Humility is not mock graciousness either.

It is understanding grown so fine and acute that it is aware of what all could have gone wrong, of all that was not known, of all the contributions others have made and above all awareness of the role chance plays in events.

Be it physical characteristics or traits acquired over a life time. Each of these did not happen by our choice. This physical self I was born with was obviously not the outcome of my decision. What I choose to acquire over a life time too, was not my choice.

I don’t mean to say I did not get to choose anything ever. If the thing I chose had not entered my field of consciousness I would not have been aware of its existence and hence would not have known to choose it.

This machinery of life is like an infinite roulette machine. What we end up getting is governed by forces that we don’t understand or know. In spite of the hypothesis about gravitation, mind and consciousness we are still tinkering with a system for which we have no user manual.

Given the precariousness of this setup it would be quite presumptuous for anybody to claim entire credit for the outcome of their actions.

Humility understands this complexity. And knows that the same opportunity may, and will most certainly, be bettered and offered to the next person we look down upon.

Humility is the state of being grateful for the opportunity to be who we are.

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A Thought – On Adversity

Adversity is the key that unlocks your inner strength.

Is the war hammer that pulverizes the crust that holds in your shine.

Is a welcome sign to break open the monotony of your existence. 

Is a sign to remake yourself.

Is someone frantically pressing the reset button for your character.

Adversity is your long awaited opportunity in disguise. Embrace it.

One True Moment, Had Any Lately?

You could not imagine a more mundane setting. I had gone to get some lunch from a nearby hotel. After placing my order I let my attention drift to a bunch of papers laid out for customers. I picked a color supplement and cast a glance, soon my eyes fell on this picture.

I just froze within. The usual tumult of the senses, my orientation, the sense of existing all were sent to low priority. Every bit of my being went into this picture.

I honestly do not know if you see what I saw. This picture allowed me to escape all the noise of the senses. And in doing so revealed a glimpse of a higher concern, a subtler state of being.

It seemed as if Daniel was a metaphor for each of us. The wild animals of the senses all raging by, ready to devour you. But absorbed in the contemplation of the Higher Self, Daniel seems to not even notice the commotion around!

In a certain sense the function of art is to communicate, which in most scenarios is a common enough task to pull off. A picture perfect postcard, a fine foot tapping tune, an exquisite poem. Each, to the extent that it communicates the idea in the mind of the author does justice to its creator.

Often this is where it all ends. To grab a bite and appease the immediate hunger. Sometimes, just sometimes, art exceeds itself. It does so by communicating a higher sentiment, without overtly talking, painting or capturing it in a specific way. It is in such moments that art elevates itself into something sublime, beyond the immediate techniques employed to create it.

Sri Aurobindo talks of poetry being elevated into a mantra when it becomes a vehicle to carry the aspiring soul to the gods. Ceremonial pictures have been used to symbolize, and they say even capture, the wavelength of occult powers. Carved stones have been the personification of Supreme Godheads.

We chase the Grail. Treasure the relics. And fight over the places.

But let us not forget, the literal name and form seldom matters.

What does matter is if we have paused enough and seized the moments and the name and the form to haul ourselves up into the beyond. 

Have you had such true moments lately?

The Duality of Self

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The Self is eternal says the Scripture.

the self is transient says me.

Immutable is the Self says the Rishi.

more mutable than mutation is the self says me.

Immortal is the Self says the Veda.

piffling life to perish in moments says me.

Infinite delight is the Self says the Voice.

the obverse of delight is the self says me.

An Ideal beyond the reach of mind.

and flesh that cavorts in mire.

So is our strange inheritance, to oscillate between being anointed with the will of the Gods or to satiate the cravings of(/like) an animal.

A Thought – On Reversals

Our reversals are never absolute

Even at the height of your agony, in the midst of utter despair, hope is given to you.

The flow and ebb of fortune has to be endured, despair not.

To throw away the fight, to run from your appointed destiny, is to be weak.

You are perfect even in your defeats, just as you were perfect in your victories.

Crossposted from my Many Selves blog.

A Thought – On Reversals


Our reversals are never absolute

Even at the height of your agony, in the midst of utter despair, hope is given to you.

The flow and ebb of fortune has to be endured, despair not.

To throw away the fight, to run from your appointed destiny, is to be weak.

You are perfect even in your defeats, just as you were perfect in your victories.

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Many Selves – The Inaugural Post

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I am a blogger based out of Bangalore, India.

My old blog was getting a little too cluttered- with Sri Aurobindo, Terrorists and Singularity jostling for space on a single browser window.

Hence I decided to have start this new blog, dedicated to topics that make up our sense of self, our aspirations and our highest goals.

Why the name “The Many Selves” ? –  I have noticed that what we are in our normal moments is only an aggregation of the many facets of us hidden inside. We are either the result of one predominating tendency, or a handful of them coming together to deliver a summed up experience.

Just as our emotional selves has its ups and downs, like us feeling peppy or depressed at different points of time, the notion of what we are also changes over a period of time. Or even many times within the same day.

I believe we become what we are.

But there is no single clear route by which we have arrived here. And our destinations too will not be reached in a known manner.

Regardless, the way to proceed forward in any endeavor is to confront, harness and utilize these individual selves.

The new blog will be a place where I share my thoughts and insights pertaining to this goal of harmonizing and letting the aggregate self move forward.

And in sharing these thoughts I hope you would take comfort in the fact that you are not alone in your inner challenges. 

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We don’t need you Mr.Terrorist – An Open Letter

To Mr.Terrorist

You have kindly consented to spread our lands with the terror and blood and followed up your willingness with action. No doubt immense co-ordination, effort and dark expertise has been expended in this matter and the fruits are apparent for all to see. However I wish to point out that all this effort is not necessary and I shall provide the necessary information to make my point.

India, my vast country, is populated with very small men

All of her heritage, culture and ancient spirit has been reduced to a footnote in history text books. We have enough malice and violence in us to inflict untold harm on ourselves

Take, for example, our response to the hordes of invaders who plundered our land

We have adopted their language, ‘culture’ and even their religion. We stood by, meek like sheep, while all of what we were was being ripped apart. Perhaps it is the pent up rage that makes us throw stones at any damn thing when there is a general strike? Or burn buses, uproot railway tracks? Am sure that injustice is not forgotten, hence our present reaction. Don’t you think this behavior is consistent with the goals that you and your leaders have set for yourself?

Or consider our comrades who look to the east

While the sun of their aspirations rises in fully deserving glory, completely shedding the ideological sheaths of its past, our comrades still worship the image of their deity as it was before. National pride, security, the continued livelihood of our people are of no concern. As long as they can spout the virtues of poverty and open their large magnanimous hearts for the protection of the poor then all is fine.

Or take our practice of subsidies, reservations etc.

By artificially propping up a segment of people they ensure that the very same people are robbed blind of their skills and initiative in the long run. By taking a legitimate means to alleviate social imbalances we have turned it into a means of gathering votes. If there are no poor then how the hell would the politicians display their compassion? Don’t you think this retrograde mindset would keep us materially poor for a long long time, and ensure there is sufficient bitterness for an uprising. Which by the way would be completely impotent to solve the social imbalance problem anyway. Do you still want to add to this list of woes?

Or take our caste and creed system

Which by the way is wildly different than what its creators conceived it to be. We still have this evil prevalent in our towns and villages. The crude accident of birth renders a set of people wise, another set courageous and willing to stand up for the weak and oppressed, yet another set of people sharp with money and the rest mere serfs. I heard you there..it is a load of shit and utter bollocks.

Biology determines some of our traits, you say, and the rest is environment, opportunity and the inborn tendency of the individual. And I agree with you. But reality is that we still have people who proudly display their caste on the back of their cars and suffix it still on the names of their offspring.

We as a race, it seems, have so little self-respect that we need to depend on social systems of religion, caste, creed etc to give us a sense of identity.

Mind you each of these is by the accident of birth and has got nothing to do with what the individual accomplished in this lifetime.

Little matter all this. We still are proud to defend our temples from the serfs who want to pray inside, what deviant attitudes!! Am sure your rage will be better used elsewhere, we have our people to rage on your behalf.

And of course our behenjis, banerjees and lalilthas are capable enough to bleed the nation dry by either taking what is there or preventing the growth of anything.

If all these are preoccupied then our language bigots always rise up to the occasion. And don’t discount our regional chauvinists!

Or those who seek to convert the spirit of this nation towards an alien system of thought and living that has its roots in the remote tribes of the middle-east region?!

Who lure the soul with material rewards, as an advance to the later rewards in heaven? Or even those who take offence at art? Or those who seek to attack an idea by going after the most external edifices, like churches?

This, of course, is only a brief list of items and we have a ton of these weirdos and have not need of you anymore.

Our deviance and capability for self-harm far exceeds your limited imagination and malice. Please leave us alone and in due time we shall have destroyed ourselves.


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A Thought – On the Ordinary

The mundane and ordinary only appears to be so. View without prejudice and you might catch a glimpse of its mysteries.

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A Thought – On Apathy

The brightest idea in the world loses its sheen when viewed with apathy.

Nothing kills enthusiasm faster than indifference.

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