Proof that I can never do painting for a living

My painting, courtesy of Mr.Picassohead

Am so pleased… πŸ™‚

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Copernicus and the French millionaire show

You got to see it to believe it….the french audience respond to a question on what revolves around the earth. Found this via GorillaMask. I don’t usually subscribe to racial or regional jokes but damn this ones funny…:-)

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I was Hiltoned!

Denizens of the net, today I add to the vast corpus of English vocabulary a word of my own, a humble offering to the language that has given me so much.

Hiltnoed – adjective; 1) Made to suffer from stupidity of others 2) Endure consequences of arbitrary environmental factors, often capricious, over which one has no control. 3) Moments when you know, even, you could have designed the system better than the Maker, aka God.

Now let me explain the characteristics of the crucible in which this word was lovingly cast.

I was in NY for the last week and had to visit Boston. I was traveling on business and informed the front desk, of the Hilton, that I would like to pay by traveler’s cheques. Now, when I say informed, I really did inform…thrice. Just so that they would not charge my personal credit card I had done the booking with. Why thrice? Well, you know how it is, the world does not always speak the same dialect of English, that glorious glue between the most disparate societies, and of course not with the same accent. And they nodded, in complete comprehension- perhaps like the Buddha, who would nod in sage understanding, if you ever spoke to Him about grief and suffering. Always the vacuous, but polite, ‘Yes sir’. Like a modern day genie that would not dare disobey even your inane wishes.

And yes, it happened. They took my cheques and charged my card too. To their credit, pun intended, the amount was to be charged back to my card, or at least that is what they told me. Now I check into this hotel in Boston and give my card. Lo and behold, transaction denied.

Perhaps its just a time thing, I will have to check with the hotel and figure out when the charge back would happen etc but annoys me is this..inner stupidity clothed with external gloss.

I did resist the temptation to pun on the word Hilton- every time I went in, and out, in, and out, or when I entered via the front entrance or the back..oh so many possibilities to indulge in some verbal foreplay that menkind are so fond of.

But I resisted, cheap temptations were not for me, I would not budge from my moral pedestal. But hell, this incident drove me nuts!

So from now my fellow men and women you have be forewarned. The word is “Hiltoned”, remember it when you are a victim of stupidity, and in remembering me who has suffered before you, you shall derive strength to endure it. Now go forth and spread the word, let it be a war-cry on your lips to every manifestation of stupidity everywhere..”Hiltoned!”

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