Google Nexus Very Shy, Shirks Unboxing

Google Nexus must be the first Android device to receive unanimously positive reviews, including Apple fans. Always good to have some competition to keep Apple on its toes. But this is just surprising, see the video below.

Google Nexus Engineering Let Down by Packaging

Clearly shows someone did not view the product as a customer would. Or the product managers and engineers who designed it went home early leaving package design to Asus?

The last mile of a marathon is the hardest

Quick thought.  So it is with building products. All the complex engineering and management challenges faced to build a good product like Nexus is hidden to the end user, what they crib about is the tape that sticks the box together.

For my own clarity, attention to detail is not just about the cool industrial engineering, the software and apps. Most important is the last mile of product management that starts from unboxing, to switching on the device to the time the device is let go off.