Doing the Right Thing


Last week I came across a review of CSS3Machine, an iPad app to create CSS3 styles and animations.

Naturally, I was eager to get any help on the CSS front and got onto the AppStore. When I tried to visit the app page, I got the familiar message that app was only available in the US Store. iTunes shifted to the US store and then threw an error saying app was not available. Thinking it must be an error due to a wrong link, I visited the website and tried again. Same result.

Determined not to be thwarted, I used the contact form and wrote asking why the app was not available. And I got a response from Daniel Eckhart, who I guess is prime mover for CSS3Machine.

It’s not just India.

I’ve made the decision to temporarily pull CSS3Machine all app stores. The recent changes to CSS3 “best practices” as well as changes to iOS and Webkit have conspired to put CSS3Machine behind the times, and I felt it was no longer a product I could stand behind.

I hope get it updated soon.

The product was pulled because, apart from technical reasons, the developer felt he could no longer stand behind it. This is a fine example of an ethical action, not a blind adherence to a random moral code, but the result of carefully considered possibilities and laced with ideas of pride in ones work, ownership and the ability to take a commercially bitter decision because it is the “right thing to do”.

Contrast this with the JP Morgan trader who blew two billion dollars trading in credit default swaps. Incidentally he was nicknamed “Voldemort” which I found charmingly apt in a curious way.

I have nothing against the trader. Doing the right thing is difficult. Greed and crude ambition clouds judgement. Weakness of character makes people take shortcuts. But in all that littleness around, there is Daniel Eckhart, developer of a tiny product who foregoes revenue because its the right thing to do. My faith in humanity grew a little more. I urge you to check CSS3Machine and buy it when its updated and re-released. And of course, in all small and big things we do it would help to “do the right thing”.

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