Seth Godin On Market’s Taste

On the market’s taste Seth Godin says, “the mass market is a fool..If you wait for the market to tell you that you’re great, you’ll merely end up wasting time.”

I agree with that view and wish to add to it. Leave alone the market, you would find such shortsightedness even within your own firm. Perhaps your stakeholders, your peers or others whose buy-in would be essential to move forward on the vision.

Being clued in is a function of how aware the audience is of the prevailing market realities, the accompanying trends and how the customer preference dynamics could evolve as a result of these interactions.

And being clued in has nothing to do with past experience. In fact extensive experience can, and often does, cloud judgment.

Being clued in requires an open mind, one that is willing to put up every assumption aside in the consideration of possibilities. It requires a keen intelligence and robust imagination to make the rational mental leaps required to walk along the possible pathways of the future.

In their own way, to use the phrase of Gretzky,  a visionary skates to where the puck would be. It requires a perfect understanding of puck-physics, people’s motivations, their possible next moves and where the window of opportunity would materialize within the interplay of these factors.

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