Sarah Palin and Joan of Arc- Same God Spoke to Both?


All this talk by Sarah Palin about the “voice of god” and “his will” remind me of another historical character, Joan of Arc.

I deeply admire Joan and think its unjust to even mention her name in the same web page as Sarah Palin!

The movie by Luc Besson, is a favorite of mine. Especially for casting Milla Jovovich as Joan herself, an unusual casting but works to fantastic effect.

The scenes where Milla deals with her inner self, portrayed by Dustin Hoffman, has to be a masterpiece of cinematic narration.

The initial rousing triumph of lifting an anonymous peasant to the heights of leading a nation, the blind anticipation of the will of the Unseen Divine, the irrational yielding to Infallibility masked as instinct and the eventual self doubt and soul killing questioning are the traditional marks of a life yielded to the Divine. Besson captures all these moods with as much aptness as practically possible.

Even the series of mystic visions that Joan has reveal an originality of artistic inspiration in portrayal that is rare when dealing with spiritual subjects.

Compare this to how Christ is portrayed in “The Passion of Christ” by Mel Gibson. You will see the Gallic sensibility at work in Besson and the crass sensationalism of hollywood painting Christ’s story with ugly gore.

You ask, what has this got to do with the title of this post? Well, I had to absolve myself from taking the name of SP, a little soul cleansing was in order…hence the rambling on Joan of Arc and heck I even have something akin to devotion to Joan…so why not!

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