Quote – On Collaboration

Collaboration around information is more valuable than the information by itself.

– John Roese, CTO Nortel @ Mobilize 2008 from here

Just think about that quote for a while.

If you are in the business of producing information, any information, or in the transmission of information this has big implications. Say you are a Bloomberg, or Factset or even ThomsonReuters!

Its not just about latency now.

The ticker plants and milli-second thresholds for information delivery are not so exotic anymore. The know-how to build and maintain large super-efficient data centers and data delivery infrastructures will be a commodity skill. Take Amazon with its AWS, to use it is now just a moderately complex exercise, look to that threshold reducing by every day.

The tools, hooks and enablers you build around your information will determine if your data survives the information jungle.

Not exotic terms applied to your old tool set. But genuine enablers based on open data formats and open APIs.

The tipping point where stale data + superior analytics beats super new data with outdated analytics is fast approaching.

What should the biggies of financial information do to survive the bleak times? What role should collaboration tools play in it? What do you think?

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