NSA Manual for Budding Spies Quotes Greek Mythology

Love of learning in Persia

The NSA, a key component of America's Intelligence Community, released a manual for budding spies titled, 'Untangling the Web'. Warning, it is a large pdf file. Given the sensational headline on Wired, I took a peek inside. Many points stood out, let … [Continue reading]

Android Design Methodology Not

My last post on Android design review documents gave me deep insight into possible Android design practices. Its a combination of simplicity and innovation. Details below.   Note: Am sure there are brilliant designers and engineers … [Continue reading]

Samsung Android and Daylight Bamboozlement

  Apple and Samsung have gone to the courts. Apple contends that Samsung Android ripped off iPhone's design. As a part of this process it was revealed how Apple took inspiration from Sony's industrial design approach. Many online took this … [Continue reading]

Conflict is Fuel for Creativity

"But why do you hate them?", said the slightly exasperated friend. My reply, paraphrased, was "Hate is too strong a word, I need a psychological crutch for motivation. Even an imaginary conflict is useful. Just as we did for our previous product … [Continue reading]

Applause and You

There is little else more seductive than the applause of your peers. To be looked upon with a mixture of awe, reverence, admiration and perhaps even jealousy. As social creatures our sense of identity depends a lot on what others think of … [Continue reading]

Five Reasons Why Enterprises Stumble at Innovation

In an earlier post we covered social factors that lead to acceptance of failure in startups, reading it would help get some context. Writing that post gave me another perspective for why enterprises fail at innovation, I have written a few posts … [Continue reading]

Cloud Atlas, What Art Can Be

Cloud Atlas is a movie based on novel of same name by David Mitchell. Now a movie with Wachowskis and Tom Tykwer. Check the trailer below. The best sort of art is not one which entertains or informs or clarifies or even celebrates. Art at its … [Continue reading]

Digg and Conditions that Make Failure Acceptable

Digg is dead. Digg's failure was a chance for bloggers to speculate about Digg itself and what makes startups fail and rise up. There were the usual condescending views on what happened to Digg. See picture below. In case you did not get the … [Continue reading]

At Google, Poor Smeagol is Done, Gollum Takes Over

Before Google General Counsel Kent Walker wrote: While collaborative [Standards Setting Organizations (SSOs)] play an important part in the overall standard setting system, and are particularly prominent in industries such as telecommunications, … [Continue reading]

Pixate – Style your iOS Apps Using CSS!

It is a truth universally held by all learned men and women that Apple's development environment and tools suck big time. Others say XCode and iOS dev environment have grown mature lately, perhaps it is true but I can only imagine the horror it must … [Continue reading]