Ouch! That should have hurt…

Such a nasty blow! That was the competitive equivalent of thrust, twist and pullback. And for all the blood shedding one barely hears a squeak, from the offended party or the press.

Of course I refer to the forking of Java by Google Open Social. The ostensible reason being better performance on constrained devices, which I don’t disagree with in principle. But what it does to the Java ecosystem is the point.

Do no evil – Sounds like a hypocrite’s whisper, rather than the cry of the righteous it was before. Google, as always, puts its best interests first, as I believe every corporation should, rather than pay obeisance to any socialistic impulses. The irony is that somehow labeling something a ‘open’ process has legitimized Google’s brazen attitude to ‘platform development’ so much so there is barely a whisper from anywhere.

The last time this happened, when Microsoft forked Java, for the same reasons as Google, for better performance, there was such a hue and cry that resulted in every one and their aunt painting Microsoft as the evil wolf. And now Google calls something ‘Open Social’, throws in a couple of million dollars from its billion dollar cache and there is nothing but an awkward silence. The way I look at it, the industry is yet to unravel the intent of this behemoth.

The options as I see it are i) To shout wolf! ii) Swallow the betrayal and work out a place within the ecosystem that will come about. What is at stake is not the future of Java(or Sun), its about what the industry is willing to concede to Google, without putting up a fight. And the longer it remains silent, the more Google will take.

And I seem to be getting more prescient as I get older… 🙂

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