O’Reilly asks not to throw sheep!

Tim O’Reilly, wants a dose of realism in the tech industry. Especially weaning off the brightest developers from building apps that throw sheep!

Neat thought/quote, but I see a slight problem. The market needs to determine what should be built and what should not. Of course O’Reilly can share his opinion but given his standing in the industry, it might gain some traction.

What makes capitalism tick is the chance for the trivial and the profound to co-exist.

Do any quality control up-front and you end up at an Apple’s AppStore like scenario, with someone arbitrating what can be built.

Do note that I don’t disregard regulations in general. We need AppStore to protect its users from malware. We need the government to step in bring down monopolies. We need compliance rules to govern the financial industry.

But to determine what sorts of apps/services should be built based on the opinions of anybody would be a little premature and be counter-productive to the overall richness of the industry.

Let the market be the arbiter in valuing an idea. Anything else would tilt the industry towards an idea bottleneck.

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