One True Moment, Had Any Lately?

You could not imagine a more mundane setting. I had gone to get some lunch from a nearby hotel. After placing my order I let my attention drift to a bunch of papers laid out for customers. I picked a color supplement and cast a glance, soon my eyes fell on this picture.

I just froze within. The usual tumult of the senses, my orientation, the sense of existing all were sent to low priority. Every bit of my being went into this picture.

I honestly do not know if you see what I saw. This picture allowed me to escape all the noise of the senses. And in doing so revealed a glimpse of a higher concern, a subtler state of being.

It seemed as if Daniel was a metaphor for each of us. The wild animals of the senses all raging by, ready to devour you. But absorbed in the contemplation of the Higher Self, Daniel seems to not even notice the commotion around!

In a certain sense the function of art is to communicate, which in most scenarios is a common enough task to pull off. A picture perfect postcard, a fine foot tapping tune, an exquisite poem. Each, to the extent that it communicates the idea in the mind of the author does justice to its creator.

Often this is where it all ends. To grab a bite and appease the immediate hunger. Sometimes, just sometimes, art exceeds itself. It does so by communicating a higher sentiment, without overtly talking, painting or capturing it in a specific way. It is in such moments that art elevates itself into something sublime, beyond the immediate techniques employed to create it.

Sri Aurobindo talks of poetry being elevated into a mantra when it becomes a vehicle to carry the aspiring soul to the gods. Ceremonial pictures have been used to symbolize, and they say even capture, the wavelength of occult powers. Carved stones have been the personification of Supreme Godheads.

We chase the Grail. Treasure the relics. And fight over the places.

But let us not forget, the literal name and form seldom matters.

What does matter is if we have paused enough and seized the moments and the name and the form to haul ourselves up into the beyond. 

Have you had such true moments lately?

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