Obama On Traits For a Leader Without Experience

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Creative Commons License photo credit: january20th2009

“Sergey and Larry had no experience either of running a world-class Fortune 100 organization”, replies Obama.

Eric Schmidt, in his characteristic low brow style, earlier asks, “Why should people elect you when you clearly don’t have the experience”.

Obama follows up on that insight-clothed-as-humor with 3 characteristics that he thinks any leader should have, regardless of past experience

Traits for a leader without experience

1) Judgement

2) Vision

3) Character

4) Impatience with Status-quo

Watch the entire video here. The question comes around 54:00mins.

There are a ton of things I could highlight here. But shall leave it to one of the most charismatic people of our times to do the honors.

Note: I have paraphrased the question and answer, watch the video for the precise words and all that cannot be captured in words!

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