My Many Selves

I tend to write a little more philosophy. And that is no accident. Though my day job requires me to dabble in the world of product management, technology trends, business priorities and overseeing delivery, what really gets me going is my love of all things spiritual and philosophical

The story of how I, of all people, came to be associated with philosophy and the other muses, has to be told sometime but we shall defer this for now in the interests of not losing my two readers!

I have been enriched immeasurably by these varied interests. But too much variety in topics on a blog leads nowhere. I hope to be of some practical utility to my readers and not just take them on a mind trip always.

With that I have decided to restrict this blog to my musings on all non-philosophical and non-spiritual topics. So I shall write about work, technology, social media, people, strategy etc out here.

My old posts that talk about philosophy etc will remain here though. If there are topics that refuse to be pigeon-holed into either of these blogs, I shall cross post them. 

Please visit the new blog, The Many Selves, here. And do subscribe to the feed here.

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