Mutiny at the Cubicle

I know how you feel. Let me state this now. With all the emphasis a life of sweat and effort and anguish and diligent, even devout, application of skill you have earned, you think to yourself.

“Is this how revolutions are bred? To cast a sand-grain of ignorance upon a fertile soup of ideas, of experience wrought in the crucible and snatched from the whim of destiny.”

Oh the folly of smugness, to abstract limitless detail with a “I know”.

Without even lingering by a “For Dummies” title for a few minutes! How gallantly the fools sweep over insurmountable mines of radioactive ambiguity.

Do they not know, that every idea-offspring to ever issue from them would be contaminated with gaps in credulity?

The sand-grain has been sown. When the pearl of freedom shall issue forth we do not know. But it shall come one day, resplendent.

The mutiny at the cubicle has begun.

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