Mind or Heart

What is it within a individual that creates music, the mind or heart? I have been listening to the soundtrack of the Fountain again, covered in an earlier post, and what an experience!

How does one translate emotion into a musical note?! This cannot be skill! Perhaps training can add structure and discipline to the endeavor but in principle I think this must be an activity that transcends the mind.

I used to write poetry quite some time ago and distinctly remember the time when the best lines came out. They were like utterances rather than something one deliberately thought about and wrote. This has to be a branch of alchemy, the ability to take mere thought and emotion and transmute it into music!

To all the musicians out there, of every genre , of every time past and time yet to come, of every culture and nomination…a big thank you…

And most of all my gratitude goes out to Him/Her who makes all this possible.

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  1. hmm.. reminds me of “Amadeus” ! there was something about that movie which hurt me so bad. something with the music which moved me beyond words i dare to put together.

    found your blog by sheer accident and glad i did. will be frequenting here from now on !

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