Mass-hosting High-Availability Article

The Architecture Journal has an article on mass-hosting and high-availability found via Kiyotito, one of the author’s blog. The article provides a historical context and then gradually gets into high level detail of core challenges and the desired outcomes.


A good introductory read for anyone about to consider a hosted solution but guess the hosting providers might feel its a little light on detail. For instance there could have been more detail on operational management aspects, follow-up links to specific topics that the reader might want to pursue etc.


What would be good though is to have a bigger article that targets specific groups of audiences, say architects designing such solutions, developers who have to build a hosted solution and system/network administrators at the hosting provider’s end, and provide specific guidelines and best practices that target the concerns and challenges unique to them. With all the talk of SOA and SaaS scalable hosted application architectures are set to become the norm.


To be honest much of the information is not hard to find, if one is willing to Google around. But guess its better to have a structured patterns & practices type documentation that would provide better accessibility to a wider audience and lower the bar for building solutions of this sort.


I have been thinking and discussing about providing a hosted web-based version of our product and have had to consider many of the issues raised in the article and need to thank the authors for triggering critical assessment and need for more information.


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