Manifesto Proposal – Dealing With a Job Loss

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In the spirit of sharing the little that I know, I have proposed to flesh out my thoughts on dealing with a job loss.

There is plenty of material of on the net dealing with using social networks to get out the situation. But I find that they do not focus on the end to end process- as in moving from the initial shock of being laid off, or made redundant, moving through the job hunt itself and finally landing a job.

There is a logical progression of phases and I feel that a distinct set of activities and mindset is required to negotiate each one.

An initial version of the process is covered in my blog post here.

If you feel you like the post, do vote for the manifesto here. Once there are a sufficient number of votes I will be allowed to write it up. Do pass it to your friends who are in the job hunt mode, I hope it will be of some utility to them.

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