Mahesh-Majumdar Laws of Email Replies

They say all insight bubbles up from a cauldron of pain. Today there was one of those really annoying incidents where everybody does a reply all to every one and their grandmother. The reply all continued even after a clear message asking people not to do it.

While discussing this with Subrata Majumdar, a colleague and mentor at my current firm, he came out with these Laws of Email Replies 🙂

(1) All mass-recipient e-mails shall continue to receive reply-alls unless directly acted upon by an external force (like a stern rebuke)
(2) For every application of the external force there shall be at least one idiot with an equal and opposite response.

Subrata has a fantastic blog called Confessions of a Digital Immigrant where he writes about Capital Markets, Software Products and other stuff. I did a guest post called Hierarchy of Equals last year there, where I spoke about patterns for winning product teams.


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