Labyrinth and Intelligence

Recently I had visited one of the offices of the company I work for. The office was a networked via walkways between a cluster of buildings over a few streets. Being my first visit, I was confused every time I had to negotiate the journey from point A to B.

This was a modern labyrinth, structured with brick and wood and glass. And every bit as beguiling as its ancient counterparts, which obviously would have served more explicit ill intent, in leading poor me on a tour of its facilities that I had rather not seen.

I perceived more clearly how I handle navigation. I am not one of those who can keep their bearing and find their way…I went by patterns, landmarks and a loose sense of which pattern was followed by another. With this I was able to negotiate the labyrinth. The errors I made, and had subsequently corrected, were used to reinforce the sequence of patterns I was to use as my navigation aids.

Not a flattering notion to have of myself, but is this how rats perform the trick of navigating mazes? If so, they must be really smart and perhaps we should give them something more decent than a piece of cheese at the end of the test πŸ™‚

And I suppose this is how life is too for most of us, a vast labyrinth of possibilities, each leading to a different destination and its a test of our intelligence and will to negotiate it in a way that brings out the best possible outcome for us.

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