Journey Back To The Home Within

Am sure you know the feeling.

To emerge from the hurricane of unfavorable winds and chance upon calmer times.

To view oneself anew, as if rude winds have ripped apart the scaffolding of ones character.

It is a disconcerting experience. To be confronted with the core of one’s self. What does one do with it? Use memory to re-build the traits? Let habit and instinct rule, as they usually do. What values should inform the new behavior the world draws out from you?

To begin anew upon a newly decimated being is the rare gift of a Grace that sees beyond the wincing of the time-born self. The irony of it, the Iron Hand of Mercy!

Amidst the contours of the self, all is known yet tinged with the trepidation of a first encounter.

All said, it is good to be back to the home within. Tags: ,

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