How To Handle Your Job Loss – Part 3

This article is third part of a series on steps you need to take in the event of a job loss. The first part is here. The second is here

Job Solicitation

Focus on two or three job portals. Upload your resume. Stick to the recommended format. If you wish to be creative, then do it on a hosted service like VisualCV. Most online job portals expect the resume in a certain format so as to better display the contents on their systems, don’t make it easy for them to reject your CV.

Get the list of recruitment agencies. Talk to a representative of the firm. Ensure you project a confident disposition. Note that a recruiter has her bonus/targets riding on you getting employment. Often she would reserve the best openings for individuals who are sure to get through the interview process. Don’t mess up, you typically get one shot at coming across a skilled professional to any recruiter.

Talk to companies that are recruiting directly too. Reach out to the HR folks, they are not easy to track down though. This is where your online and real world contacts can help. Check how you can reach out to this audience, they can easily short-circuit any long-winded road to employment.


Always follow-up with recruitment agencies, potential employers and contacts. Maintain a journal on the contacts made. You don’t want to sound too desperate, so contact them once a week, or even better check with them on when you should/could get back. Keep your online sites updated on how your job hunt is proceeding. Come across as someone who is proactive and can take the situation in your stride.


It takes a couple of weeks for the interview calls to come in. Of course this is no scientific number and can vary wildly based on your domain, market situation etc. But once it does come in ensure you have a strong feedback loop in place to tweak your approach/skills based on how it goes. And remember just because an interview goes well does not mean you will actually join the company. Refuse to be elated in the short term. Hold your emotions in check. Nothing is certain until you actually join the company.


If all goes well, you will actually get a job. Once you are in that stage, ensure you reach out to all your contacts and update them. And thank them for their support, even if it is just listening to your story of woe. Update all your online profiles, LinkedIn etc. Let the world know you are back in action.

This has been a long rambling post. I hope this would be of some help to you. And do share your thoughts on the methods and what else has worked for you.

I shall leave you with a final thought – Be agile, be hungry and believe no night lasts forever. All the best.

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