How many lullabies…

My headphones were left back in India. Just a couple of weeks methought and time would fly past. But the mind, conjurer of phantasms where none exist, insisted on putting up a show!

And I needed my music, the laptop speakers are no substitute. Vivek, a friend of mine, wanted a Sennheiser PXC 250 and so I got one. I unwrapped it and started giving it a spin.

I started with the soundtrack of “The Red Violin“, the track called “The Monastery”. For those of you who have not watched this movie – Its about a master violin maker’s last piece of craftsmanship that has a dark character to it. This violin, red in color, finds its way across distant lands and many centuries, changing hands all along. Yet through all it one aspect of it is always consistent, its ability to leave a trail of destruction wherever it goes. The particular number is when the violin is brought to a monastery and handed to a little prodigy. What a rush, I feel as if little particles of joy have coursed through the pathways of my mind, seeking out every nook and cranny to lodge themselves there. The Sennheiser sang!

And then it was time for soundtrack of “The Fountain“, the track “Death Is The Road To Awe”. If you think the song title is poetic, you have not heard anything yet…what music. It starts with a fairly innocent pulses from a piano, a sombre violin forming the backdrop..out from somewhere comes a slightly pitched violin, like a darker streak of color on a fairly mild canvas, stark in its contrast..and so it goes..another violin, lots of stringed bass instruments..and instruments I know nothing about..all of anguish wearing all of its faces and coming out in a procession. Beautiful. My way with words do not do it justice.

And then onto “The last of the Mohicans“, the track called “Promentory”, the main strain that is played in the movie in the background. What an opening, I could see Daniel Day Lewis running through the jungle chasing the opposing indian tribe taking away one of the Munro sisters. The rush and the sense of impending doom, the anticipation…its all there…And then onto the “Massacre canoes”, a track that seems inspired by Carmina Burna. The grand pounding rhythm of the original, perhaps somewhat diluted, but still there in essence.

I feel as if I have taken a balm for an ache that I did not know existed.

Music, it seems to me, is the lullaby for the frayed heart of every man. A man who seems unable to grow beyond the first meaningless murmurs that he heard as an infant. And so we return, young and old and every variation in between to the teats of the Infinite Mother, to receive a little nourishment and a few healing words.

Oh I just loved the headphones, worth every penny! And I have not even switched on the noise cancellation! 🙂

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  1. hey, why can't it jus be my name??
    but then, if u wanna read about minerva, here's a good enuff place : 🙂

  2. The rational part of me lay prostrate and that was all I could gasp out!

  3. 🙂 hmph. go read my blog, u lesser mortal.

  4. Thou dost command and I obey…

  5. But goddess many are thy names and works, at what url within the digital firmament dost thou reside?

  6. minerva says:

    ugh. I dont understand how these things work. Mine is the blog that helped you realise you were St. Augustine and linked back to.

  7. So is your blog called wastedyears?

  8. Yes, and the reason u sound so incredulous is…..?

  9. Oh, do I?! Unintentional goddess..while searching for your site I stumbled upon quite a few other sites called minervanmuse was led into byways that do not lead to yours

    by the way, you have a good eye for form…your picture choices have a striking quality..holds the viewer..

  10. Thank you. 🙂
    See ya around..

  11. Perhaps not vagrant enough, but at the rate am going it should not take too long!

    Are you truly Minerva, goddess of a thousand works? 🙂

  12. If you are the vagrant muse, you ought to be female. Hm. Since you are not, is your muse vagrant? 😉

  13. touche~ point conceded.
    Hm. but then.. you are a lesser mortal, after all. 🙂

  14. Ah, the Immortals taunt the fallen!

  15. Ah! I checked out the definition of Minerva from there, beat you to it 🙂

  16. And goddess of a thousand works is all you could say ?!
    Tsk Tsk.


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