How I survived a shopping expedition

I could not escape this one. Had to accompany my wife for shopping. I dread such times more than having to deal with a memory leak issue on a 99.999 availability production server. One never comes out of such ventures without having been shorn away in some way, let me add monetary impact is the least of my concerns.

What started as a minor skirmish on a shop a mile away, got upgraded to a full-scale assault on a mall around 4miles away. And what a comprehensive assault it was, every alley and aisle was probed and prodded to yield its wares. With a sub-atomic whimsiness that would put any Brownian motion to shame, the assault was conducted according to the plan of vanity drawn up at the genetic level.

And what was I do! Beyond glaring a little, an occasional grunt and the odd comment on if something looked nice..I was tourist there, away from home, in an alien land!

And then came the part I dread the worst..the trial room! Imagine, if one of them can drive reason to a hole in the ground, what a whole group of them wanting to try out clothes would do. This has to be a sight in itself and it is true regardless of which country you are in. Give women a chance to try out clothes and they invariably take more than what is required for trial.

In this particular mall some bright spark had put a mirror at the end of the small corridor, with all trial rooms on one side. I took a peep, just to know how much time it would take, and my heart sank..there they were, a whole queue that stretched as far as perspective could go…women, all holding clothes! My life almost flashed before my eyes before reason peeked out and rescued me.

And then came the knight in shining armour, my Blackberry and DailyLit! I had registered earlier and was around the 10th part of the book Flatland. As if the “mail one part of novel a day” feature is not good enough, have to say I simply love the ability to request the next part by clicking on a link. And I read, 6 parts to be precise, and even savored some parts until I got the non-obvious import. So it was, that I survived this day, meditating on the priesthood of Circles while life in all its vain glory went about me. Tags: , , ,

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