Have you ever loved an idea?

I stumbled upon this entry on my Google Reader today and got all nostalgic. Amongst the events that have made a deep impact on my life and career COM has to be right at the top 10.

I loved COM and everything about it, it was one of those things that I ‘understood’, not in the syntactical sense but rather the philosophy behind it. Don Box, via Essential COM, is still Guru to me and a host of other deities I have offerred obeisance, Charlie Kindel is one of them.

The post in question has 3 videos, above is the first one, that capture the history of/need for COM. Watch it now and you will see the problems they attempted to solve then have not changed much. Interoperability between components written by independent authors remains a problem even now. Instead of COM, we now have SOA as the holy grail of building connected systems. But love does not heed to logic and I still stand besotted by the magic that was COM.

Have you ever loved an idea?

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