Google Open Social – Beware Greeks bearing gifts

The industry goes gaga over the OpenSocial API from Google. And methinks this is another instance of fanboys missing the forest for the trees. In my honest opinion this is nothing more than a wrapper over each social site’s API, legitimized by Google’s overarching status in the industry. I wonder how the conversation would have gone behind the scenes between Google and its so called partners!

This gesture has no more relevance than as a means to counteract other larger players in the social networking space(Microsoft with Facebook). After all how do you stop momentum from a competitor but to adopt Open Source religion. IBM did it with Java, being more open than the creator of the language Sun. So much so Sun is no longer a credible threat to anybody, leave alone IBM.

I wish the industry was a little more balanced in its opinions of Google. True they have changed the computing landscape as we had known it but not all that comes from that stable is benign. Microsoft’s clout would be a pale shadow of what influence Google will wield in another 5 years.

But the immediate benefits remain for developers who wish to aggregate content from these social networking sites without having to resort to hacks.

But its prudent to be wary of gifts that come by.


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