Do you believe?

Check this advert for JC Penny, found via Tim OReilly’s blog post. Here is a stereotype smashing, gender busting advert that you can’t afford to miss.

This is the way I see it –
With agrarian economies, the physical prowess, the sheer ability to till the land is the ideal.
With scale and specialization comes the need to barter and trade for sustenance, here the trader and broker gains prominence and a large share of the spoils.
With all the common needs satisfied, comes the finer preoccupations, the life of the mind. Ideas that loop back upon all that has come before it to squeeze out greater efficiencies, to raise every common feature to its highest pitch. Here the man of the mind, the nerd takes his stage.

Such an elegant progression, much like evolution I would say. Granted that this is not a linear progression but an oscillation. An oscillation between these many dimensions of existence. Each swing perhaps results in the contraction of one ability only to raise another to a higher level than the previous swing. Each of us is here, I believe, to work this possibility out.

And in our coming together this entire machinery of possibilities collides and collaborates with entities just like us. Aggregations of these entities at different levels end up being called societies, cultures, nations and peoples. Each aggregation representing the sum and essence of its constituents.

Have drifted way too much from the primary subject of this post, but would like to end with this thought, “The ugly is not truly so, only our sight has to be changed to see beyond the obvious Tags: , , , ,

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