Die Hard 4 and Beethoven

Definitely not something that should ever be in the same sentence or a paragraph. Matter of fact they are not even from the same continent!

But was just watching the trailer of Die Hard 4 and heard the bars of “Ode to Joy” on an electric guitar, or whatever instrument it is! For the love of god what a rendition, what joy! What a start to an otherwise lackluster day!

I have often wondered what is eternal, can anything be eternal, what its characteristics would be, will it give you joy or grief, will it be relevant and alive across all time, all cultures and other assorted states of being that life is subjected to! And this is proof that all that is good and beautiful can and should be eternal. In a medium that almost seems like magic, on an instrument that the original author might have shuddered to approach, almost 200 years later, from an alien culture and still how it translates…:-)

Sabdam Brahma, Sound is God, says the Veda and even with a rational mind one would have to agree. Sound indeed is God and for all that I know, I just heard him.

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