Design vs Engineer = Apple vs Microsoft

I have always wondered why Apple apps, especially on the iPhone, all had beautiful UI. Boy Genius completely nailed the reason in a recent blog post reviewing the Google Android. The relevant quote is below.

Here’s another issue on why for the foreseeable future Android won’t be anything like what Apple or another company can offer: coders aren’t designers….That’s why Apple’s entire developer ecosystem is different, because believe it or not, Apple’s developers are amazing designers that make beautiful things, and they happen to know how to code. That’s entirely different from someone who’s the best coder in the world and trying to create something that looks, works, and feels great.

And herein lies the tale, as they say.

If you are still not convinced, hear Jonathan Ive, Chief Designer at Apple, talk about the design philosophy he lives by.

To justify the title, this is what distinguishes Apple from Microsoft. The latter builds and caters for engineers, while the former focuses on the intangibles of taste and design, but somehow magically ends up out engineering Microsoft in the process.

All said, the inspiration for folks like us in how we could emulate this rigor in building our products or services.

The attention to detail, the passion for excellence and the honesty in being able to question fundamental assumptions, all are basic traits that will influence what we stand for.

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