Commandments of Distributed Team Productivity

I had answered a question on LinkedIn recently on how to maximize productivity of offshore and remote teams. I have posted my answer to that question below. Would love you hear your thoughts on what else needs to be in here.

– First is to recruit the right set of people. Or assess via tasks where their true skill lies. It helps to have a face to face contact once at the beginning of the project, but not always essential.

– Establish clear cut goals, with definite responsibilities to each team member.

– Do not delegate to an offshore or on-site resource until you are clear as to their commitment and skills.

– Build an environment of trust and openness.

– Set standards of deliverables, not by paying lip service but by actually doing and highlighting what you need from each member.

– Deal with complacency firmly and openly.

– Have a common framework of tools and processes defined and communicated. The specifics do not matter. Adhere to these standards rigorously without exceptions.

– Cultivate passion for the goal, foster pride in what the team aspires to accomplish

– Mentor every resource, let your aim be larger than executing the project successfully

– Monitor and evaluate against plan every day. Course correction should not cost more than one calendar day.


  1. Mahesh, I think you have covered the whole ambit of it – People, Process et all. But how do you sustain and build capability over the long-run.

    I ask this, due to the fact that within the IT industry, the challenges which we face are not any one of these… but many of these and to ensure the rules of the game are consistently followed.

    1. Recruit the right set of people! Done. How will you retain and continuously engaged?

    2. Yes. Virtual Team can be a huge success, but what are the Commandments? Is there a right one?

    Invite your thoughts. 🙂


  1. Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams Report (September 12, 2007)

    The People Part of Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams 10 Commandments of Distributed Teams … (1) recruit the right people, (2) establish clear goals, (4) build an environment of trust and openness, (8) cultivate passion for the goal, among ot…

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