Changing the world, YouTube style…

Here is one more proof that ideas in themselves are not good and bad. It is what they are used for which determines which side of the fence they are on.

YouTube, that popular purveyor of nubile young things in very little attire and general muck, has been put to good use. Via Seth Godin I found a set of videos on YouTube, titled ‘Videos that can change your organization’. Go check out the videos, there is some truly inspirational stuff in there.

It is amazing how many different pieces have come together to provide this experience. YouTube for content, anonymous users for actually uploading content, Squidoo for enabling content aggregation and SethG for actually aggregating the content. All done and ready for users like you and I.

This is the promise of the Web 2.0, wisdom of the masses. Refined and packaged for your intellectual pleasure.

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