Boston Free Shakespeare Festival

Just came back from a dress rehearsal of The Midsummer Night’s Dream as part of the Free Shakespeare festival at the Boston Commons.

The stage is kept a little ahead of where the car is. A charming little stage, topped with green grass and some balloons. The balloons seem to be props for trees. Since it was a dress rehearsal, the action was interrupted often. But the actual festival starts in a couple of days and I intend to attend it.

The actors were quite spirited and it was such a pleasure to hear Shakespeare, rather than the bastardized version of English that is the norm nowadays.

And forgot to add, that little structure at the bottom of the picture above somehow reminded me of the Ephor’s temple, picture below, that Leonidas visits in the 300 movie.


Of course, I peeped into that structure, could not find the Oracle girl, picture below…


Now, if only someone stages any of Sophocles‘ plays….you know why am a lost cause, don’t you?!

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  1. Those balloons on the set of Boston Common’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream generated a lot of critique amongst my friends, but I thought they worked rather well! Midsummer is produced so often that it’s refreshing to see some new artistic direction every once in a while.

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