Another Nail in Dravidian Race Myth

Sir Paul Nurse, Nobel Laureate, while investigating origins of his chromosome, stumbles upon genetic footprints that speak of evolution of modern man and the early migrations.

That man originated in Africa and migrated out is well known, what does not get spoken about is which other continent has the greatest genetic diversity. I produce the relevant quote of Sir Paul.

Outside of Africa, we see more variation in India than anywhere else which tells use we’ve been living in India for longer than any other place outside Africa. The question is, how many waves of migration out of Africa were there, and what were the timings of those events? – Sir Paul Nurse, Nobel Laureate

So think about implications of that statement. More pertinently, the so-called Dravidian race theory is a sham. And if anything, the so-called Aryans should feel trampled over by the genetic markers people from the sub-continent have passed on. But guess what, it does not matter because you cannot wake people to a fact that would make their cherished opinions so blatantly false.

(via DNA Unlocks Secret of Early Humans. FYI, some NSFW content on that site)


  1. Tejaswini vemburia says:

    The Indian political set up will never accept deathknell to Aryo Dravido theory. While at least scholars have been able to identify Aryans as a Tamilian I find it funny to club all South Indians as Dravidians and people will go for proto dravidians rather than accept Tamil as the oldest Dravidian language. It is futile to link present south Indian people with Sangam People. The historians wantonly ignore the fact that the Tamil civilisation came to an end with the sack of Madurai by Malik Kafur in 1330AD. The sack of Madurai and thereafter Talaikottah caused the severest holocaust only comparable to sack of Delhi the difference being the North Indian people were able to scatter across large track of land while South India could not afford such a large disbursement. The structure of Male and Female figures in a recently find ring in Karur datable to 2nd Century AD SURPRISINGLY match with figures of Early Cholas in Moovarkoil, Kumbakonam etc., That is why Tamilnadu wants to identify itself with Dravidinism suffering from identity crisis. All theories are futile if we ignore this aspect. The following facts were all completely ignored by all: the reason for development of grammar in respect of other languages was not as old as Tamil. While grammar for Kannada developed only during 8th century AD in Telugu it developed only during ChalukyaCholas in 11th century AD. FURTHER the first Telugu inscription was made by Renadu Chola in Fifth century AD. THE most surprising part is that apart from Pure prakrit inscriptions the Telugu and Hale Kannada inscriptions contained pure Tamil words like mane for house neeru for water maka for son etc. To say all these belong to same family is a humbug since there is timelag in the evolution of grammar in all these languages. The independent evolution of Tamil can be understood from the fact that unlike in the case of other languages epic has been classified as original denoted by Mudhalnool and adoption as Vazhi nool. It is high time that the above hypothesis need a burial.

    • Mahesh CR says:

      Thanks for the thoughtful comment, I personally learnt a ton here. Btw, my distaste for Dravidian theory is based on two facts i) First, the blatant divide and rule policy the British and Europe had as their strategy to “put in place” this race of people in Bharath. An offshoot of this point is their use of rudimentary linguistics, ethnography etc. to accomplish their political aim of snapping the spine of conquered nations. and ii) Secondly, check out Sri Aurobindo’s essay called “Origins of Aryan Speech”, that occurs in his book “Secret of the Veda”..their is outline of etymological connection between Vedic Sanskrit, Sangam Tamil, Ancient Greek/Latin…which of course will need further exploration. The subcontinent has been culturally and spiritually united in its startling diversity, not withstanding internal bickerings, which I consider normal in any society. The influx of Islamic and European conquerors have accomplished their goal by seeding in us their littleness and petty perspectives.

      As to whether anyone should accept Tamil as oldest Dravidian language is irrelevant in my humble view. Jingoism can exist if it makes people happy. Let people believe what they want. Tamil has a unique literary tradition, as ancient as the oldest Sanskrit. All said, what matters is what is being done with the language today. What literature, poetry is being produced, is the cultural spirit of the race being replenished and revitalized for the modern world while retaining its ancient roots.

      Btw, my mother tongue is Telugu. I sway to Annamayya and Ramadasu and taste Sangam poetry too. Such delight, such variety..if only we choose to be open to it.


  1. VJ says:

    Another Nail in Dravidian Race Myth

  2. Rahul Dewan says:

    Another nail in the myth of the #Dravidian-#Aryan races.

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