An Eternal Wilderness


A lot of us get by with the agenda life sets for us. An education, a career, family and the other assorted conventions get our attentions.

A few choose to question this default agenda. Attempt to intuit the mechanics behind this grand machinery, to understand the method behind this madness.

To a privileged few is given the wilderness. A barren interior landscape devoid of transient joys.

The inner monologue is the only company. And the ever present silent question that mocks us.

We stumble into the question at the most inopportune times. Life’s pressing urgencies carry no meaning here.

We contemplate, we wait and wonder in awe at the endurance of those who passed before us through the wilderness.


  1. The moment one("I") contemplate the question "why" and for "whom" in every present moment… everything starts transforming.

    The same assorted convention become one convention …which is the Union …seeing and feeling the union…

  2. Mahesh, many bold questions you pose here that are not very far from what I have. I am defending next monday (22nd) and will be in India on 27th .. We should definitely meet.. send me an email.

    • Oh forgot to mention in the mail…good luck for your defence next week…do well…and sure you will but guess extra encouragement does not harm! πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks ! Pressure always helps me focus. it is when there is none, I need all the motivation I can get πŸ™‚

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