All blogging is Yoga

I have been blogging more frequently than in my past attempts. With that I shall have redeemed myself from excessive self-censure.

What is interesting though is the process of watching the hits arrive. Of course am nowhere in the same league as any of the big-boys of the blogging world, either in the sparks of insight profusely scattered or in the strength of their opinions. Am but a baby trying to find my feet, and my voice, online!

I am trying to understand what makes someone interested enough to linger awhile. Is it the ideas, the mode of delivery, revealing insight, popularity by association, pandering to the basest whims or anything else?

I now understand what it means to live under the weight of infinite choice, when every whim of yours can be catered to, one has to prioritize. Especially when the cost of satisfying this each whim is almost constant, one prioritizes more aggressively. But now I digress, now to return to my primary thought.

A strange capriciousness seems to dictate the volume of traffic – Strategic keywords in title, a rampant linking to other sites etc seem to dictate the immediate popularity but the long term potential is hidden in the merit of the post. Not the packaging or the coating but the implicit indwelling merit. And repeated good posts earn you good karma, due to which even an occasional sub-standard post gets a better deal.

And it is in this characteristic that I see a parallel with Yoga. The immediate response of crowds do not reflect the true merit of actions, even charity done for egoistic purposes is not right action, the inner spirit, the perfection of inner poise from which the action issues out is the one true measure.

And to paraphrase the words(All Life is Yoga) of my Master, All blogging is Yoga.

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