All Big Tech Companies Are Basically Same

Dave Winer, patron saint of blogging and RSS, weighs in on the politics in big tech companies. In spite of the dull and gloom of late, I have been beaming away after reading this post, where Dave advises Chris Messina on why he should not be explaining why big tech companies don’t follow him.

The implication that big tech companies seldom follow a technology because of its technical merits is so very true.

But what attracted me to this post was the brutal honesty that Dave brings to the table. Much as we would like to speak it as it actually is, constraints often constrain us 🙁

Anyway, here is the money quote –

All big tech companies are basically the same inside, they all have too many people so they expend a lot of energy fighting with each other over who has the right to do this or that. There’s always someone looking over your shoulder for a sign that you’re blowing it, so they can tell someone at a higher level in management about your failure, so they can snatch the project for themselves.



Well, that was Dave Winer for you…:-)

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