A Thought – The Sanyyasi’s Reticence

The Sanyyasi is said to be a recluse. Shunning all contact with the traffic of the world. The lonely king of an empty kingdom.

Men of the world look down upon him and think, ‘What an existence! Without any possessions, living on the whim or generosity of the world. Not knowing where the next meal would come from. Living on faith instead of food.’

On another extreme, men idolize the Sanyyasi. Even revere him. But keep him so high by patronizing him that all possibility of following the ideals are ruled out upfront, like a disclaimer in a legal document.

But the Sanyyasi watches silently. Observing. Learning. Becoming.

He thinks, ‘How vain is man! Positing cause and effect where none exists. Trading in hypothesis that can never be proven true. Building upon laws that are more volatile than the sand patterns on a beach. Anchoring the soul’s infinity to the trinkets of time.’

“I shall be the witness, for without me the folly of man would be truth. I shall be there when he falls and cries out for succor. Until then I shall watch as the nameless one does, for I am a Sanyyasi..the witness in time.”

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