A Thought – On Humility

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Let me state this upfront. Humility is not weakness, not a weakling standing by the corner..almost apologetic about being there.

Humility is not mock graciousness either.

It is understanding grown so fine and acute that it is aware of what all could have gone wrong, of all that was not known, of all the contributions others have made and above all awareness of the role chance plays in events.

Be it physical characteristics or traits acquired over a life time. Each of these did not happen by our choice. This physical self I was born with was obviously not the outcome of my decision. What I choose to acquire over a life time too, was not my choice.

I don’t mean to say I did not get to choose anything ever. If the thing I chose had not entered my field of consciousness I would not have been aware of its existence and hence would not have known to choose it.

This machinery of life is like an infinite roulette machine. What we end up getting is governed by forces that we don’t understand or know. In spite of the hypothesis about gravitation, mind and consciousness we are still tinkering with a system for which we have no user manual.

Given the precariousness of this setup it would be quite presumptuous for anybody to claim entire credit for the outcome of their actions.

Humility understands this complexity. And knows that the same opportunity may, and will most certainly, be bettered and offered to the next person we look down upon.

Humility is the state of being grateful for the opportunity to be who we are.

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